“Direct Targeted Assistance” Program

“Direct Targeted Assistance” Program

The purpose of the program is providing assistance “here and now”, especially to children to ensure immediate treatment, to people who need expensive courses of treatment that are not provided for through government programs; the Fund also supports pensioners, the disabled and those who are in difficult life circumstances and in need of medical care.

We help to:

Severely ill children, disabled children, children orphaned
Seriously ill people, disabled people

You need help?

You can contact us.

If a child needs help, the parent can contact us.

The application must have the following information:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail
  • phone
  • name of the child
  • birth date of the child
  •  medical diagnosis, the state received from the doctor and the cost of the treatment / not required original documents, it is enough certified copy /
  • material status of the family (documents proving it – copies)

Your application will be reviewed by experts within the procedures of the fund.


  • It is important to briefly describe the problem.
  • If the application relates to  rehabilitation course payment or surgery is required to submit: a copy of the applicant’s passport, ID, copy of birth certificate, copy of the latest medical diagnosis made by the relevant medical institution and signed by the treating doctor,  income statement and employment of the parents or report by the social services, a copy of the application and the Ministry of Health refusal to support
  • When the assistance request relates to treatment abroad is necessary to submit the decision of the Ministry of Health on the impossibility of conducting the treatment in Bulgaria. In this case it is necessary to submit a copy of the reply of the Ministry of Health.
  • When the child is under guardianship, it is necessary to submit a copy of the decision of the relevant authorities.
  • When the original documents are submitted, the Fund is entitled to retain them for your records and store them for 5 / five / years.
  • Your application or its results may be published on the website of the fund / submitting the application, you agree to this/.

Helping people

Targeted assistance is provided for the treatment of various diseases, such as congenital heart defects in children and adults, cancer (solid tumors and oncohaematology), eye diseases, hearing aids, complex forms of scoliosis, endoprothetics of joints, unique operations to correct incompatible with life of congenital malformations of the abdominal cavity in the first five minutes of life of a newborn, etc.

We help people with visual impairments to see the world again, we help children suffering from deafness to hear their mothers’ voices (quality digital hearing aids were purchased, operations using expensive cochlear implants were conducted), we give people with disabilities the possibility to move by providing them with quality wheelchairs (active and electric).