Supporting and developing small and medium business

Financing is the base for starting or expanding a business. Charity Fund Europe helps to ensure financing for small and medium enterprises. Our purpose is to organize:

  • Mutual fund;
  • Support for beginning entrepreneurs.

The mutual fund is an insurance fund for your business. It can benefit all companies, who have paid to the fund not less than 600 euro during one year . The amount can be pay in by installments, according to your wish.

If financial problems arise with your business in the future, we will give you a loan without interest and fees in the amount and for a period that will be agreed by the General Assembly of the Fund

In achieving this purpose we’re doing the following activities:

  • Raise funds;
  • Help small and medium businesses by providing information and assistance for the realization of business contacts;
  • Organize of seminars and information days concerning the establishment, development and management of small private business, tax policy, legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, etc .;
  • Encourage the making of new business contacts;
  • Support the training of young entrepreneurs and develop projects for starting micro, small and medium businesses;
  • Actively support the introduction of innovative technologies and ideas in the small and medium business;
  • Organize and participate in exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

If you wish to join and help, you can do it now!