About us

We believe that the social investments are the way to build a just society in which everyone has an opportunity to be realized and developed.

Our purpose:

  • joint forces of government, business, individuals, associations and volunteers to provide effective and timely assistance to the needy;
  • develop a long-term social – investment program as a mechanism that can help individuals and society;
  • systematic struggle with the complex social events, based on well-developed strategies;
  • help for the realization of long-term partnerships and helping government and business for building strategies for socially responsible behavior;

Our principles:

  • Justice. Helpfulness. Honesty. Effectiveness
  • Social investment culture. Transition from one time aid to sustainable system for investing in viable projects that will contribute to the community development.

We believe that:

  • The desire to help should become a habit.
  • It’s a shame to live in a society where there are abandoned children and adults.
  • The inactivity and watching how the others suffer is immoral.
  • The individual work is inefficient.

Charity Fund Europe is a nonprofit organization that was created to collect property from voluntary contributions, which are not prohibited by law and use of the property for socially useful purposes specified in the Statute of the Foundation.

The Fund was created and operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, Law for non-profit organizations, current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Statute of the Foundation.

The full name of the fund is :  Charity Fund Europe


The aim of the fund is to collect property from voluntary contributions and other ways that are not prohibited by the law a way and to use it to provide comprehensive assistance for veterans, disabled and participants in wars and terrorist operations, improving the material situation of indigents, socially rehabilitated persons who due to various life circumstances can not independently realize their rights and interests, as well as the realization of various social programs and projects.

To achieve the purposes, the Fund realizes the following activities:

  • realization of activities in order to provide social assistance and material support for veterans, participants and disabled from wars and terrorist activities and their family members;
  • realization of activities for providing social assistance and protection of citizens, including improving the material situation of indigents, unemployed, disabled persons;
  • assistance to victims of natural, environmental, industrial and other disasters, social, ethnic, religious conflicts, victims of repressions, refugees and immigrants;
  • assistance in overcoming the consequences of natural, environmental, industrial and other disasters and the prevention of accidents;
  • realization of programs and events in order to encourage the humanity and charity among the society;
  • promote activities in the field of health and for healthy living, improving the moral and psychological state of the citizens;
  • promote activities in the field of education, science, culture, art and spiritual development of the individual;
  • promote activities in the field of physical culture and sport;
  • support the establishment of rehabilitation centers, medical facilities, sports and recreational complexes, boarding schools and orphanages.
  • assistance in obtaining necessary medical care and insurance;
  • implement measures to support the preservation and maintenance of buildings, sites and areas of historical, religious and cultural significance, and cemetery;
  • promote social integration and rehabilitation of orphans and children left without parental care, children in difficulty;
  • assistance for prevention the children abandonment;
  • support the development of scientific, technical and artistic activity of children;
  • promote peace, friendship and harmony among nations, prevention of social, ethnic and religious conflicts;
  • promoting environmental protection and animal protection;
  • contribute to the prevention of socially dangerous behavior of citizens;
  • assistance in providing free juridical help and education of the population;
  • organize festivals, exhibitions, concerts and various charity events, symposiums, seminars, conferences;
  • promote activities in the field of scientific and cultural exchange, tourism, in accordance with the purposeс of the Fund;
  • assistance for the medical care organization in Bulgaria and other countries;
  • help for citizens affected by wars, including assistance for recovery of housing, socially important objects, destroyed as a result of wars.